Disposable Ecigs

Disposable Ecigs are a great option for people who love vaping and personal vaporizers.

The amazing benefits of disposable ecigs is that they are low cost options to try electronic cigarettes. Being able to try out this kind of product without the bigger cash layout it takes to get a higher quality set up is a great benefit.

They are perfect for travel since you won’t have to risk losing your good ecig and vaping kit or have to deal with carrying all of your accessories around.

A single disposable electronic cigarette can equal over a pack and a half of regular cigarettes. Plus they have no ash or odor. They are also a single piece design with no assembly and recharging needed.

My Favorite Disposable Electronic Cigarette

Today I am going to tell you who has my favorite disposable electronic cigarette.  I am going to first explain why they are my favorite disposable electronic cigarette and then reveal who it is.

First, this e cig brand is my favorite because their disposable electronic cigarettes taste like the real thing.  The two most important things to me when I am reviewing electronic cigs is the taste and how it smokes.

Speaking of how it smokes, these disposable electronic smoke like the real deal.  They draw just like a real cigarette and get you high like a real cigarette and that is just want you want if you are looking to replace a cigarette.

To make things even better, they are priced nice.  At $9.99 for one, which is about equal to three packs of cigarettes, you really get your money worth and you save on a lot of tobacco sales taxes.

Well here she is!  In my opinion, this is the best disposable electronic cigarette.


Believe me!  She will not disappoint you.  She will give you the equivalent of three packs of cigarettes.  And when you are done, just throw her in the taste and get a new one.  No hassles and easy to use.

You can get more information on this electronic cigarette by clicking on the image above or by going to their website here >>  Just go to the disposable e cigarette category and you can see their full selection of flavors and nicotine levels.

Disposable Electronic Cigs: What works for you?

When it comes to the best disposable electronic cigs many factors come to mind.  When you say best disposable electronic cigs, it can mean many things.  Quality, technology, product life span and more all are important factors when choosing the best disposable electronic cigs.

The first thing I feel is the most important when choosing a disposable electronic cig is what type of electronic cig fits your lifestyle.  Are you a traveler or a home body?  Do you keep track of your electronic cigarettes or do you lose them?  These factors when purchasing an disposable e-cig all must be taken into consideration.

A traveling e-cigarette user needs to have something small and mobile.  An ecig that doesn’t require a ton of equipment.  These types need a disposable e-cigarette.  They can puff the vapor on these disposable ecigs until they run out then toss them.  They usually come in a pack of 4-6 disposable electronic cigarettes about the size of a standard pack of tobacco cigarettes.  Easy, no mess, and no fuss.

The homebody might want to consider a larger refillable nicotine liquid e-cigarette.  Something with a large rechargable battery with lots of vapor power.  A charger, nicotine liquid, cords, atomizers, flavor cartridges, etc. are much easier to manage and store if you are mostly an at home user.

No next time you are considering purchasing an electronic cigarette, take the time to figure out if a disposable e-cig is right for you.

Smoking Usage in the USA

Stats on smoking usage in the USA

According to the Centers of Disease And Prevention, 43.8 millions of people in the USA smoke.  The number equals to 19.0% of all adults.  21.6% of males smoke and 16.5% of females in the United States smoke.

12.9% of the smokers are Hispanic.

It is reported that every day four thousands of kids under the age of 18 year start smoking and every day, 1000 kids become regular smokers.

Of the 43.8 million smokers in the United States, 69% of them want to quit completely and 52% of them actually tried to stop.

How do Electronic Cigs Work?

How do Electronic Cigs Work?

Electronic cigarettes are pretty simple overall. The actual e liquid or e juice contains Nicotine, water, glycerol, propylene glycol (also used in inhalers) and an optional flavor like tobacco, menthol or more.

When you inhale on the device, the atty heats up the liquid and nicotine into a water vapor that you can inhale. This leaves almost no trace of you smoking since the water vapor doesn’t always show up when you exhale.

With Refillable electronic cigs you can replace the e liquid and recharge the battery to save money. With disposable e cigarettes you get the convenience of never having to refill or recharge your device.

Best type of disposable e cigs

Let’s be honest here.  All disposable electronic e cigs are the same.  They all work based on the same concept.

Disposable e cigs last as long as the battery that houses them.  Once the nicotine in the cartridge in them runs out, they are done with and you throw them away.  That is why we call them disposable.

As a consumer, when you go out looking for the best disposable electronic cigs, the packaging does not give you any information for how long they will last.  There is no expiration date on them so you have no idea how long the battery will last.

Generally, one disposable e cigarette is about the same as one pack of cigarette.  If you think of them in those terms and get close to a pack of cigarette out of them then you should be happy.

I would not recommend using them as a permanent replacement to regular cigarettes.  I would get a rechargeable e cigarette instead because in the long run, you will save more money and get more use out of it then with a disposable.